Black Egg is an experiential production company that specializes in creating immersive and technology driven stories that capture the imagination and create massive impact. Our passion lies in the evolution of storytelling that manifests in the physical and digital world, utilizing combinations of technologies in organic and meaningful ways that amplify the narrative and push the suspension of reality to create indelible moments for our viewers and clients. We believe in creating provocative experiences that focus on the story, never the technology. We create experiences that span live musical performance, marketing stunts, fashion shows, innovative retail experiences, and interactive installations. Our team brings a wealth of experience that span filmmaking, advertising/marketing, production, architecture, fabrication, software and hardware development. Our clients include Beyonce, Nike, Kanye West, Kenzo Paris, Ai Wei Wei, Olafur Elliasson, Coca-Cola, MIT, AT&T, DTV and more. We love what we do, we are passionate and dedicated problem solvers with a history of massively successful projects that push the boundaries of creativity, technology, and innovation.