VIX is a 24 person ride that takes passengers on a mesmerizing underwater voyage. During the feature ride, guests will strap in and begin a sensory journey. As the ride accelerates through a narrow passage of land, guests will feel their hair blowing in the wind, simulating the sensation of levitating through thin air, subtle forest fragrances are filtered into the space as guests journey through the forbidden forest, while soft hints of mist are emitted once the ride plunges towards the deep ocean. All culminating into an unforgettable immersive experience felt long after the ride is over. The simulation experience which is designed for families and thrill seekers alike and suitable for ages 4 and older, allows passengers to travel to an underwater cave located thousands of feet below ground, which houses the nucleus of a new energy source, where a giant reservoir has lived devoid of human interference for over a thousand years. 


Passengers have the opportunity to share the fun and excitement with the person sitting next to them. Each set is carefully designed and built by a team of professional engineers and artists who have total creative freedom to blend imaginative storylines with powerful technology. Influences range from Stanley Kubrick to Star Wars and other science fiction inspired comic books. Safety is also a top priority for the company and each scenario is thoroughly tested and developed to make sure the ride meets world leading safety standards. This is a project that defines suspension of disbelief. For 10 minutes, guests are transported to a parallel reality and live a magical experience through immersive sounds, visuals, scents, wind, heat and mist.



The innovation behind the project, which took two years to complete, lies in the infrastructure, unique user experience and VIX’s advanced simulation technology. The $4 million dollar project, required 100 tons of steel, 3 kilometers of cabling, a team of more than 90 professionals, a custom engineered building and a 172 square meter compound curved screen, which is equivalent to the size of an Imax theater. VIX delivers breathtaking cinematic content by using multiple 4K ultra high resolution projectors, which give an uncompromising image fidelity, brightness and resolution. The system also provides an unparalleled riding sensation with a panoramic immersive screen, custom designed for this project. The combination of six thousand pixels, uncompressed video, an 18.3 3D audio system, immersive special effects and synchronized movements with six axis motion of freedom provides guests with a natural, vivid and immersive experience in flying, gliding and speeding through magical landscapes. 


Immersion rides have been a part of popular culture for decades, but have been largely limited to theme parks. Through Sensorama’s advancements in technology, their simulators will be made easily accessible to the public. The first ride will be located at the Shopping Praia da Costa, home to more than 225 world-class shops and attractions, owned by Walter Sá Cavalcante, CEO of the SCavalcante Group. It’s no longer about passively watching a movie, but really about feeling and being inside the movie. There are just a few like it and it is a first for Latin America and just one of a handful of similar rides in the world including attractions at Disney and Universal. VIX is a cutting edge simulation ride that transports guests to an underwater world filled with special effects such as movement, wind, mist, heat, smell, 360 degree audio and ultra- resolution imaging.