The " D-edge " is one of São Paulo's most popular nightclubs. In 2011, Marcelo Pontes was invited by Renato Ratier to join the team of renowned artists to remodel the 4 story club, also composed of Muti Randolph, Paula Zemel and Eduardo Chalabi.

On the second floor, the main dance floor is surrounded by mirrors and LED lights that sync to the music, providing an intense and immersive sensory experience. There is also a panoramic window that runs across the entire second floor, giving outsiders a small glimpse of the club's aesthetic and personality. 

The third floor was designed to accommodate small lounges for private groups to achieve a more intimate feel to the club. There are numerous cabins with RGB lighting and an individual sound system. 

The rooftop was designed as an outdoor terrace with beautifully decorated benches that surround the space, which serves as a chill-out and smoke area.